Selected media related to Vegetarian Cats:

What is the Vet’s Role in Animal Welfare?  Sentience Mosaic discussion with Drs. Lorelei Wakefield and Andrew Knight.  9/12/13.

Darwin Animal Doctors: Vet Care for All Galapagos Animals.  Lavanya Sunkara.  Article regarding the work of Darwin Animal Doctors on the Galapagos Islands.  Originally posted on NBC Petside; currently posted on Nature Traveler.  5/3/13.

Cats: Can They Be Vegan?  Listen to The Vegan Option podcast with host Ian McDonald as three veterinarians debate the topic of vegan cats.  With Drs. Lorelei Wakefield, Andrew Knight and Jean Hofve.  2/1/13.

Vegan Dogs: The Truth About Fido’s Meatless Diet.  The Seed: A Vegan Experience.  Live Speaking Presentation 10/23/12.

T-Bone of Tofu?  How vegetarian and vegan diets can contribute to greener living.  Katie Marisco with Dr. Lorelei Wakefield.  Tails Magazine.  4/4/09

A Matter of Meat.  Kathy Rosenthal for Cat Fancy Magazine.  Dr. Wakefield gives the pro-veg point of view in this article.  5/08

Evaluation of Cats fed Vegetarian Food and Attitudes of Their Caregivers.  Drs. Lorelei Wakefield, Kathryn Michel and Frances Shofer.  Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.  7/1/06.  Further data from the same study can be seen in Taurine and Cobalamin Status of Cats fed Vegetarian Diets.  Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition.  11/25/05.

More Vegan Cats Media – Submissions welcome!

Vegan Pet Food:  Is It OK to Raise A Pet Vegan?  Huffington Post Poll.  Vote to see the current poll results.  As of 9/13/13, the general public overwhelmingly opposes feeding vegetarian food to cats.

Cats and Dogs on Vegan Diets Give Experts Paws for Thought.  Gina Rushton for The Australian.  8/10/13.

Veggie Cat Food?  Why Not All Cats Need Meat.  Scientific American.  3/12/09.

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