A vegan cat’s life with a bunny

Guest post by Victoria Randall
Within the first few days of moving to Philadelphia, I found and rescued a cat from the streets. I was apartment hunting when I found him and didn’t have a place to keep him so I took him to a shelter.

A new home for a Philly street catVegan cat chuck

A few days later I found an apartment, immediately adopted him and named him Chuck. When I found Chuck he was pretty underweight but overall healthy.
Chuck is currently about two years old and I’ve had him for almost a year. His diet consists of vegan cat kibble (Evolution Cheezburger flavor) and a few different treats that he loves such as coconut milk, Tofurky deli slices, rice and sauteed kale. Sometimes he just hops up on a chair while I’m eating and snatches something from my plate. It must be how he’s ended up liking so many odd foods.
I recently took Chuck to the vet and he is in good health. I did not mention to the doctor that he is a vegan kitty but asked that he have bloodwork done to make sure all his levels were good. And of course, they were.

Chuck’s love / hate relationship with the bunny chuck

Chuck behaves like most all cats: he loves looking out our window, chasing our bunny, and often cuddles, however, like most cats he’s super sweet one minute, then bites you the next. Also, he has a very pretty, thick coat that I think may have to do with all the avocado he steals off the counter.
Currently, I’m looking forward to moving from my apartment to a house so Chuck can go in and out as he pleases. We’ll also have room for another kitty so Chuck can have a friend.

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