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Can your pet be vegan?

Whole Life Times article by Lindsay Rubin featuring Dr. Wakefield

Read the opinions of several veterinarians discussing vegetarian cats and dogs.  Here’s what they have to say about veg kitties:

vegan dog

Riley, the vegetarian Whippet

“Feline intestines are specifically designed to digest raw meat quickly and efficiently. If you’ve ever seen the remains of a cat’s hunting feast, you’ll notice they eat every part of the catch, except perhaps a mouse’s tail.

Since cats also have much higher protein requirements than dogs, Dr. Wakefield, who runs the resource page, cautions that a cat’s vegan diet must be more regimented than a dog’s. She warns that, “Home-cooked pet food (vegan or not) without a supplement can lead to serious nutritional problems such as heart and eye disease.”

In a study group of vegan cat on fully supplemented diets, Dr. Wakefield reports no serious nutritional deficiencies, although three of the cats had low – but not critically low – taurine levels.

However Dr. Larsen, who has treated taurine deficiency in a cat that almost died on a commercially available vegan diet, cautions that, “Home-prepared options would be expected to have similar or even more concerning problems.”

See the full article and read more about vegan dogs here.


A vegan cat’s life with a bunny

Guest post by Victoria Randall
Within the first few days of moving to Philadelphia, I found and rescued a cat from the streets. I was apartment hunting when I found him and didn’t have a place to keep him so I took him to a shelter.

A new home for a Philly street catVegan cat chuck

A few days later I found an apartment, immediately adopted him and named him Chuck. When I found Chuck he was pretty underweight but overall healthy.
Chuck is currently about two years old and I’ve had him for almost a year. His diet consists of vegan cat kibble (Evolution Cheezburger flavor) and a few different treats that he loves such as coconut milk, Tofurky deli slices, rice and sauteed kale. Sometimes he just hops up on a chair while I’m eating and snatches something from my plate. It must be how he’s ended up liking so many odd foods.
I recently took Chuck to the vet and Continue reading